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LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for B2B companies. A Case Study.

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Whether you're a small business or a corporate, you need to know how to harness the power of an individual profile on LinkedIn. Unlike the company page, the profile provides an active branding tool for smart marketers.

Building a marketing strategy can be stressful- Creating content, building the perfect funnel, keeping up with best practices, just to hear "we need more MQL and SQL". Despite the fact that most B2B marketing may look like this, there's another way. When we harness our teams' talent and social power, we can bring in more leads and enjoy the process.

In this article we I'll show you how i work with clients to attract leads.:

About this case study:

Business: Legal Translations

Clients: Attorneys and large international companies

LinkedIn Activity: 1,000 connections, 50% relevant, sharing posts with high engagement but no leads.

Goal: Getting clients without using cold outreach.

1. Setting Expectations: The Path To New Clients

Whenever I meet with a client, I try to understand what their goals are and what they are willing to do to achieve them. While we build a strategy together, they must implement it by themselves.

Sarah is the owner of Dray Translations, translation services done by certified attorneys.

When we met, she was already familiar with the benefits of LinkedIn and has accumulated 1,000 connections of which about 50% relevant.

She wanted clients, but when I explained she could get clients by reaching out to her network, she was reluctant to use cold outreach.

“If they need translation services, I would want them to reach out”.

At first, I thought it would hinder our progress since Sarah only had about 500 relevant connections, but the number one priority is to create a system the client will feel comfortable with implementing, so we decided to focus on 2 other crucial elements that affect LinkedIn success:

  • Optimizing The profile

  • Sharing content

2. Identifying Your Value Proposition

We began by identifying why Sarah is better than the competitors and building a strategy that would help her connections be aware of it.

It wasn't an easy job because Sarah has so many unique skills, but the key was to pinpoint a couple of attributes that her target audience values.

We found 4 core values (As seen in Sarah's profile):

✅ Above all, quality. Legal translations are performed by lawyers, period.

✅ Speed. Up to 15,000 words per day, although we can definitely beat that, too.

✅ Consistency. Related translations need consistent terminology, to avoid confusion.

✅ Clean formatting. Your file will be returned to you after it has been polished and perfected.

Finding the Value proposition is not an easy task, and it took us about 3 classes together, but it was necessary.

Once that was done, we had a clear roadmap.

3. Communicate your value proposition to your audience

  • Optimize your profile. If you Look at her profile here, you will see her values presented clearly in the cover picture, header, and summary.

  • Making it clear in each post. You can use a value template, like AIDA, to intrigue your audience and solve their problems highlighting your USP.

4. Make your posts more engaging

Sarah did love to share content and she got pretty good engagement before we started working together.

The only problem was that the posts weren’t producing inbound leads.

Exploring the last posts I notice 2 main causes:

  • They weren’t conveying her value proposition clearly

  • The presentation didnt stand out from other posts on the feed

  • The text wasnt crafted in any format that touched her audience's pain points

Now that Sarah understood what sets her apart, she can still share content, with some new components:

  1. Visual attributes. She used the 2 most effective posts based on LinkedIn algorithms- Slides and polls

  2. Copy based on her USP. Each post is based on a proven template to increase the level of impact she has on her connections. Like AIDA template and copywriting tools like Wordtune and

Examples of Sarah's posts:

5. Your Campaign Results Are In!

  • Her profile is optimized for search. Now, her clients can find her easily. LinkedIn search is the same as Google search. Adding keywords throughout the profile, helps your audience find you on regular search and Sales Navigator

  • Increase time her audience spends viewing her profile. Profile viewers have more information and will choose her over another competitor that didn’t go to all the trouble.

  • More replies. When she sends a message, she doesn’t need to introduce herself, it's all in the profile, which makes the conversation flow easier with fewer barriers.

  • Getting more post views. Now she knows what to share on her posts and creates consistency in the messages her audience is seeing.

  • Having Fun. Getting Clients without using cold outreach.

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