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How To Get Targeted Followers To Your LinkedIn Company Page Free- Engage As A Company Page

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Are you looking to gain an edge in Brand Awareness? If you're posting on your company page but your target audience is not there to see it, you could be missing out on traffic, user engagement, and sales.

Why Are Company Page Followers Important?

One of the KPIs for B2B SaaS companies in their 2022 marketing plans, is to increase the number of LinkedIn followers. It's a great organic channel that can create Top Of Mind, brand awareness, increase loyalty, and a pool of leads you can engage with directly.

Increasing the number of targeted followers on your LinkedIn company page has many benefits:

  • Decrease your advertising budget: Targeting global markets, B2B SaaS companies always seek to reduce CPA and increase sales. One of the ways they can do that is to show ads to an audience that has already engaged with their brand. Using LinkedIn ads, you can target the company page followers and lookalike audiences.

  • Shorten the sales cycle. If you share posts regularly on your LinkedIn company page, chances are your audience saw it. They know your value proposition and are further down the funnel than someone that viewed your campaign once and never engaged.

  • Engage with high intent: Recently, LinkedIn unlocked the option to see exactly who your company page followers are. Clicking on the "Follow" button shows intent and that they might be scoping out your solution among others. A savvy marketer would automate the process to prompt a BDR to connect with the new follower and move them even further down the funnel.

While investing time in gaining more company page followers might feel like another step in a never-ending quest to improve your brand awareness, it can have a significant impact on your organic and paid MQL and SQL long term. If you want to learn how to create success for your B2B business and have fun, click here.

How To Get Followers To Your LinkedIn Company Page?

There are organic and paid ways to gain followers to your company page on LinkedIn:


  • Invite your 1st degree connections to follow your page. LinkedIn offers a limit of 100 invites a day, but the next tip will help you invite more.

  • Add page admins and ask them to invite their LinkedIn connections.

  • Encourage employees to tag your company page by setting a designated "LinkedIn happy hour"


  • Follow ads on LinkedIn- Ads specially crafted to promote your page

  • Promoting posts for audiences that are out of your followers' list.

Those methods require either considerable funds or waiting months for the page to gain momentum.

In this article, I'm going to share a useful hack LinkedIn doesn't want you to know about. It's completely free, but would require a bit copy-pasting and following a short process, which will be handy in gaining more followers.

Liking, Sharing, and Commenting As A Company Page.

Currently, LinkedIn doesn't offer this option on the platform, however, I found a way around that. Engaging as a company page increases followers to your company page because we are used to seeing Linkedin profiles engaging with our posts, not company pages.

Liking posts from a company page is so rare, that once the post owner, AKA, your target audience, sees your company page liked their post, they will click on it to see who engaged with their post and if your contact is up to par, they most likely would follow you.

Engaging on a LinkedIn post as a company page

To get step by step instructions on how to like posts on LinkedIn as a company page, watch a 2-minute video, or keep reading.

1. Locate Your Target Audience Using LinkedIn Filters

Whether you have a free account or Sales navigator, I recommend using at least 3 important filters :

  • Industry (Choose a from the industry list here),

  • Title

  • Seniority level

For a complete guide on searching your target audience link a pro, click here.

Once you found your audience, go to their "Activity" section and look for a post you can comment on.

2. Go To Your Company Page

on the LinkedIn home page, click on Me icon at the top, then click on your company page name

3. Copy Your Company ID Number And Keep The Tab Open

4. In A Separate Tab, Go To The Post You Want To Engage As A Company Page

Click on the three dots to the right of the post and copy the link to the post

4. Create A New Link

Add the following string to the post link /?actorCompanyId= Then, add your company ID number.

This is the template you can use:

(Link to post)/?actorCompanyId=(your company page number)

5. Share, Like, or Comment as a company page

Now you can see the company logo instead of your personal LinkedIn profile. This means you can engage with the post as a company.

I would recommend trying this method a few times and seeing how effective it is.

Conclusion: Gaining LinkedIn Page Followers

Google search results will offer you many ways to increase your company page followers on LinkedIn, but they usually take time, funds and effort.

The tip above will help you reach your 2022 marketing KPI's faster; however, before you try to gain followers, I recommend focusing on sharing posts regularly and creating interesting content that your new followers would want to engage in.

Looking to reach your B2B SaaS marketing goals for 2022?

Let's talk!

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