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How to Remove The Weekly Linkedin Invitation Limits- Step By Step solution with examples and videos

If you've been getting a "You've reached the weekly invitation limit" warning from LinkedIn, know that you're not alone and there are ways to fix this problem. In this article, we will talk about doable solutions below so make sure to keep growing your business.

In this article we are going to cover the following:

  • What is the new LinkedIn invitation limit

  • How to work around the new LinkedIn invitation limit

  • How to fast track the solution using automation

What is the new LinkedIn invitation limit?

In May 2021, LinkedIn’s weekly invitation limit was reduced to 100 connection requests instead of at least 50 per day if you’re on a free account and 100 per day if you’re on a premium/sales navigator account.

The limit is a restriction established by LinkedIn to stop platform spammers. Would You be happy getting spammy and salesy messages from people you don’t know? To put an end to this, Linkedin carried out this restriction to maintain its reputable professional platform.

Well, the new restriction may be great news for some, it’s a big hurdle for the service providers who want to make use of LinkedIn for prospecting or business owners looking for business collaboration. This restriction decreases prospecting reach by a massive 85% and numerous businesses are experiencing a decrease in sales.

How to Solve It?

There are a few creative ways to resolve this issue. Some are completely under LinkedIn policies and some are not.

I can tell you to keep it clean and don’t abuse your account, because you can get blocked, but most businesses don’t adhere to LinkedIn policies and use automation to scale their business. So If you’re one of those businesses or if you’re not, keep reading to discover both options.

Invite connections using their email address.

This is a completely over-the-counter method. LinkedIn offers an option to invite connections using emails. This solution offers almost no limitations. You would need to get email addresses from the target audience, preferably their personal emails and not business emails.

Important: When sending an invite to a different email from the one the user signed up with, they will get the invite to their email and not on the platform. If you send an invite using the same email they signed up with, the invite will appear as a regular connection request + message.

How to send invitation by email:

1. Go to “My Network”

2. Scroll down and click on “more options”

3. Click on the email icon

4. Add your target’s email, and choose one of the default options. Click “Continue”

Follow the video for instructions:

How to get emails from 2nd and 3rd degree connections

How to get emails from your 2nd and 3rd degree connections?

Getting emails from 1st degree is highly probable since most LinkedIn members provide it in their profile “Contact info”. However, this information is not visible to 2nd and 3rd-degree connections, so you’ll need to get the emails in other ways:

1. Use AI Based 3rd Party Tools

like, Seamless.AI, Lusha,, and There are a few downsides to this method.


  • you’ll most likely extract their company email,

  • The tools get a small percentage of emails from 2nd and 3rd connections. And if your target audience is not wide, it’s a problem.

  • It takes time to collect the emails

  • Email Ai tools add a monthly cost of about $50 per 1,000 emails. And you need much more.

See the video and follow the instructions.

2. Collect Emails Using A Lead Magnet or Your Email List

You can promote a free offer that will attract your audience to leave their email. This campaign can be inexpensive compare to other leads campaigns. Those emails you can insert into LinkedIn “invite by email”


  • It will take some time to collect the emails, depend on your offer.

  • You'll need to create a great offer and a sponsored ad

  • Sponsored campaigns can expensive

  • The email you collect can be different than the emails they signed up on LinkedIn with

3. Use Other LinkedIn Accounts (of real employees if you can) to connect with different prospects.

Once the prospect from one account your connection request, you can find their emails in the “Content info”, and send invitation by email using the other account without any limitations.


  • Not everyone has access to employees' accounts.

  • Another option is to open an avatar account that is against LinkedIn policies

Creating an avatar is what most big companies are doing at the moment because they can’t afford to suffer that amount of losses due to the new limitation.

If you think about opening a fake account, don’t, it will be restricted. You need to use Proxies and email accounts that LinkedIn can’t track as fake.

Need a vatted and aged Avatar?

How to invite by emails automatically

You can use LinkedIn’s feature and invite by emails one by one, however, if you already use automation, or simply want to save time, this solution is for you.

To fast track the process of invites, send the emails automatically. The tool we’re going to use is Linked Helper 2 (LH2). This tool will send your email list, check who accepted your invitation and you can also check on who replied. It’s simple and very easy to navigate around.

See the step-by-step process below.

While the new LinkedIn limit is a real problem for B2B businesses and startups when it comes to prospecting organically, but you can still find ways to grow your network. One way is by finding their emails and sending invitations by email.

The biggest challenge here is to collect their personal emails. If you need professional help that will do it for you, or teach you how, click here

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